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It’s so nice to meet you. Welcome to Sincerely Cassidy! Here you will find made from scratch recipes that are manageable and delicious.

My latest recipes

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I have a deep love for preparing meals in the comfort of my own kitchen and crafting fresh recipes with my unique touch. My aspiration is to ignite your inner culinary artist and help you experience the delight of cooking in your own home!

One Pot Meals

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My philosophy on food

Feed your inspiration. Nurture your creativity. If I lack the inspiration to make it, I won’t prepare it. I exclusively cook dishes that ignite my inspiration, thus fueling my passion in the kitchen.

Cook at home. Just like with any habit or routine, you have to start somewhere. It’s all about finding the balance!

Eat seasonally. Stay inspired by embracing the ever-changing variety of seasonal foods.

Cozy Meals

Some of my favorite one pot meals for cozying up and enjoying when the temperatures drop!

More One pot meals

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